We explore these topics and more!


Sensory Sensitivities

Advocating for Accommodations at work, school, and home

Executive Functioning Issues

Deconstructing Internalized Ableism

Creating an ND Affirming Life

Communication with Partners, Kids, Friends

ND Affirming Boundaries

Food Prep Hacks

Grief Things

Accessibility Needs

Our Wonderful Strengths

The NeuroDefiants

A weekly lived experience, peer support circle for folx who are exploring neurodivergence or have come into their ADHD / Autistic identity in adulthood; held live over Zoom.

Across social media Actually Autistic and ADHD folx are creating content that more and more adults are finding and connecting with–especially nonbinary, women, and those socialized as girls. This circle is for adults who have found themselves being curious about and/or coming into their own ADHD / Autistic identity.

There are a lot of unique experiences that come with realizing this facet of identity later in life. This space is born out of my own journey through this process over the last few years and a desire to connect others who are seeking understanding, validation, and connection.

Where did the term, “neurodefiant” come from? Welllll…I was having a conversation with a friend early on in my exploration of my ADHD/Autism and I accidentally said, “So I’m pretty sure I’m neurodefiant” instead of “neurodivergent” because my brain is my brain and just makes up new words while I’m talking sometimes. But then I decided, I really kind of like that term and so I claimed it.

How do we navigate life now with this brand new user manual? How do we make the changes we need at home and at work and elsewhere to carve our space for ourselves exactly as we are? How do we set and maintain boundaries around our needs, unapologetically? All these questions and more will have space in this circle. Together we will provide solidarity, resource building, troubleshooting, and hacks for brains with spotty executive functioning 

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Zoom group, open to participants worldwide, in English, scheduled in Central Standard Time
(Time Converter).

Monthly subscription is $200/month.

Meets weekly on Tuesdays from 6:30pm – 7:50pm CST