Mental Health Therapist Directories

My all time #1 go-to directory is Inclusive Therapists. It allows you to search specific areas like Therapist Identity, Insurance, Language, Areas of Experience, Therapy Modality (like EMDR, IFS, etc).

Crisis Support

In keeping with abolitionist practices, I do not provide crisis resources that use police or 9-1-1 responders due to the often violent, traumatic, and sometimes deadly response that occurs, especially for Black and Indigenous people.

Trans Lifeline

Other Community Crisis Support by TransLifeline

US Call Blackline:

Fireside Project: Psychedelic Peer Support

Additional Resources

Check below for information in support of queer, trans, nonbinary, BIPOC, disabled, Autistic, ADHD, fat/body neutral, and other intersectional identities.

More Coming soon!

Thought Spot Blog

Integrate Justice

Build Circles of Care

Six Practices for Self Liberation

Dear Expansioneers, Over the past 25 years, I have honed a methodology informed by my past work as a complex trauma specialist, out of my own anti-oppression learning & unlearning, by my lived experiences, inspired by my teachers and mentors, and rooted in my...

Three Creative Tips for Early Biz Blooming

3 Biz Blooming TipsDear Expansioneers, When you think of a business name, register that domain name and secure social media handles. Even if you’re not ready for next steps, this ensures you have the digital space reserved for when you are ready! This can also serve...

Boundaries as Liberation

The Unlimited Liberation of BoundariesOften, when I talk with people about boundaries, the first thing that comes to mind is a limit. And to a degree, that is true. What is so exciting to me though is how creating limits with boundaries is actually liberating! Hence...

Embrace Abundance

Deconstruct False Narratives

The First Step to Solving a Problem, Is Naming the ProblemDear Expansioneer, Please receive this when I tell you: YOU are NOT the problem. You’re not. I promise. Cross my heart. See, there are systems in place in our society that are designed specifically to make us...

Mess is Morally Neutral

Musings on releasing clutter shame as an act of radical self acceptanceI first encountered this phrase from KC Davis, LPC who is the brilliantly relatable human behind Struggle Care and @DomesticBlisters on TikTok.  It is a phrase that I sit with and work to accept as...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

No.  All my fees are paid directly by each client either in full at the time of registering for a program or in agreed-upon monthly payments.

In general, insurance doesn’t cover coaching services.

Do you have sliding scale or reduced fees?

At this time I do not offer any reduced-fee services. I have done so over the years donating tens of thousands of dollars worth of sessions, groups, and consultation.

It’s important to me to show up with full energy to be fully present with each one of my clients. I have found that I can do that best when I am charging full fees for the services I provide which then means I can take on fewer clients giving the clients I do have the full benefit of my time, my energy, and my presence.

Additionally, when I am honoring the value of my experience, training, education, and my own personal growth and healing work, I have much more bandwidth to give back to my community through free workshops and other volunteer offerings.

I can’t hold space for others if I am not first holding sustainable space for myself.

I have also found that folks who are ready to dive into the work and make that commitment find a way to make it possible. I am happy to work with clients on creating custom payment plans that serve them.

Finally, I have a lot of money-mindset conversations with clients who are launching their own businesses and I champion them tirelessly that they are absolutely worthy of charging a fee that reflects the value of everything they bring to the table and then add 25%. I think it is vital that I also model these same practices in my own fee structure.

How available are you to your coaching clients between meetings?

In general my office hours are Monday – Thursday 10am – 6pm. During that time I make myself available for text, email, and phone or zoom contact. Zoom or phone calls must be scheduled ahead of time through the client portal. Texts and emails can be spontaneous and during office hours my clients have unlimited texts and messaging with me.

I notify clients when I have scheduled time outside of the office so they know I will not be available.

There are times when I need to reschedule sessions due to health matters that need tending to; during these times I will communicate with my clients to reschedule; if I am the one who has to cancel, there are no missed appointment fees assessed.

Per the contract that I have with each client, 24hour cancellation notice commitment that if a client misses or late cancels a meeting, that time does not get made up, and where applicable, they are charged the full fee of that time.

What's the difference between Coaching and Therapy?
  • At Expansive Expressions, Intersectional Mindset Coaching is about helping people liberate themselves and their dreams by way of building a trusting, authentic, and boundaried relationship between client and coach. You can learn much more about my approach and philosophy here and here!


  • Coaching is about defining goals, assessing and naming strengths, and making concrete movement toward realizing those goals. **It is important to note, that Jennifer cannot guarantee any outcomes, but is committed to working with each client in order to have the best possible chance for progress

  • Coaching is about having a trusted thought partner to bounce ideas off of who is committed to protecting your privacy and celebrating your victories.


  • Coaching addresses non-clinical obstacles that keep clients from living the life they want
    • For example: a person may be dealing with anxiety around giving a presentation at work and maybe that is really the only area in life where anxiety is showing up. As a Coach, I can help this client overcome this anxiety because it is not at a clinical level of intensity.
What is Therapy?
  • Therapy is done by a licensed clinician who has obtained a Masters or Doctorate degree in therapy, counseling, and/or psychology; has completed a rigorous set of internship standards (usually between 2000 and 3000 of direct service hours and supervision); has passed all required licensing exams; and maintains good standing by obtaining all required Continuing Education Units, upholding the Code of Ethics, and following other state board laws that govern that person’s license. 
    • For more information about the differing requirements, please see this article by CAMFT.


  • Therapists provide assessment and diagnosis of mental health conditions; provide treatment and intervention of said conditions; utilizes evidence based practices like EMDR and Trauma-Focused CBT etc to assist clients in addressing their diagnosis.


  • Therapists are legally bound by the laws of confidentiality and face severe consequences for breaching a client’s confidentiality.


  • While coaches are not bound to the same legal parameters of confidentiality, Expansive Expressions is committed to honoring the privacy of each client, the content of their work, and the intellectual property created through the Abolitionist Coaching relationship.
What is NOT in the scope of coaching?
  • There are a number of issues and circumstances that clients may bring to me that fall OUTSIDE the scope of my coaching practice. Some of those include:
      • Trauma, PTSD, cPTSD
      • Sex Therapy
      • Couples/Relationship Counseling
      • Diagnosis
      • Assessment
      • Attachment Wounds
      • Family Systems Work
      • Inter-personal Violence
      • Domestic Violence
      • Depression
      • Panic Disorders
      • Suicidality
      • Dissociative Identity Disorder
  • If a client brings up any of these things at our initial consultation or along the way, I will inform them this is out of my scope of practice as a coach and I will provide resources, referrals, and links for where they can find a therapist in their state to work on these matters. You can learn more about how I do that here.


  • When I was practicing as a complex trauma therapist, my primary objective with clients was to help them regulate acute distress, create safety plans, address attachment and developmental trauma, identify family systems dynamics, and work to heal trauma wounds through building a trusting relationship, EMDR, art process, and other clinical interventions.


  • As a coach, while a client might mention some of these issues in their past or experience, my role is not to address them directly, but acknowledge how certain bullying beliefs that are the result of trauma and oppression may be creating barriers to a client realizing their goals. So we name them and I help clients shift their mindset in order to overcome those obstacles and continue on toward liberation.


  • There are still practices that I used as a therapist that will carry over into coaching: reflective listening; validating; motivational interviewing; building rapport and trust, but these are foundational for any healthy relationship with open and effective communication.
Have more questions?

I love questions!  I really do!  So please do not hesitate to schedule a FREE 20 minute Curiosity Call with me to ask any other questions you have.

Talking on the phone cost too many spoons?  Feel free to email me your questions to: ExpansiveExpressions @ gmail . com.

I look forward to talking with you soon!