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Purity Culture

Homeschool Alums

Cult Survivors



Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses

Quiverfull Survivors

Conversion Therapy

Compulsory Heteronormativity

Abuse/Assault by Church/Religious Leaders

Religious White Supremacy/Colonization via Missions




Deconstruction Crew

A weekly peer support circle for those deconstructing from religion, cults, and other oppressive belief systems; live held over Zoom.


This is a process circle designed to provide support and solidarity for those who are deconstructing toxic/oppressive belief systems such as religion, cults, etc. I come from an evangelical christian background and have been deconstructing/ed for over 12 years. I facilitate this space to provide a framework for understanding the impact of being raised in an oppressive belief system and working to shed the shame, judgement, and toxicity those systems wire into young minds.

People may come to this circle wanting nothing to do with religion ever again; some may be curious about other paths of spirituality; some aren’t sure what they believe or want to believe; and some may want to retain aspects of their original faith in healthy and inclusive ways. We hold space for everyone and do not tell anyone what to believe.

A group processing space is so vital for healing from religious abuse; this is an excellent supplement to trauma work participants may be doing or have done with a therapist. This group is not a therapy group. We provide support, lived-experience perspectives, resources, and “me too”s so that we can all know none of us is alone, or crazy, or “too far gone” to find peace and unconditional love within one’s self.

Zoom group, open to participants worldwide, in English, scheduled in Central Standard Time
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Monthly subscription is $200/month.

Meets every Wednesday from 5:30pm – 6:50pm CST