You are worthy of a highly skilled coach by your side cheering you on, focusing your path, being a though-partner, teaching you how to silence bullying beliefs, and supporting you as you realize your dreams!

Feeling inspired to take a step toward realizing your dreams?

Intersectional Mindset Coaching Packages

3 – Month Package


The 3-month package is right for you if you have the bulk of groundwork finished and you want that extra boost in order to blast across that finish line.

This is a great option for someone who is ready to launch that book, open that business, have your first art market booth.

My 3-month Expansive Mindset Coaching package is also perfect for those who are wanting to make a big change in life and want a guide in the process of finding a new job, making changes to your business practices, or need a refresher in how to see yourself and all your strengths, talents, and expertise for what you truely are!

Investment: $7,500 full / $2,500 monthly

6 – Month Package


The 6-month package is just what you need if you are in that murky middle stage knowing where you want to go but feeling stuck. 

Whether you’re stuck with where to go next, or feeling stalled out on motivation, or those bullying beliefs have made you question everything, I’m here to help you get free!

Six months of Eexpansive Mindset Coaching support will guide you out of the doldrums and back on your path to liberation.

Investment: $15,750 full / $2,625 monthly

12 – Month Package


For those of you with a tender seedling of an idea and a heap of passion, the 12 month package is the just-right opportunity for you.

During this time we will cultivate a rich foundation so we can tend that seedling as it grows, removing weeds along the way, and celebrating together when it’s time to harvest!

You have work ahead of you and together, we will make sure your dreamseed thrives!

Investment: $36,000 full / $3,000 monthly

All Coaching Includes:

  •  3, 50 minute, 1:1 sessions with Jennifer each month – 1 week open for implementation
  • 2x Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls (90min – 2 hours)
  • Secure, exclusive, online community
  • Unlimited text & emailing support during office hours
  • Personalized assessments, downloads, worksheets, homework, and resources
  • The wealth of my lived, learned, and expertise honed over 4+ decades of life being a visionary and entreprenure, 15 years as a licensed complex trauma therapist

My fees are a reflection of my years of experience, training, expertise, and my own personal growth-work on my self. Whatever your path, flexible investment structures are available so you can focus on your goals!

Coaching with Jennifer is tailored to your unique needs, goals, and learning/motivation style.

We work together to assess your strengths so we can create hacks you can use daily to make the movement in your life you’ve been longing for.

Sometimes that looks like downloadable worksheets, schedules, or check-lists; sometimes that might look like a journaling prompt; sometimes it’s a virtual white board brainstorm session; sometimes it’s a series of text messages to pump you up and keep you on track.


I am invested in seeing you become your whole most authentic self, experience the liberation of becoming, and thrive into the joyful life you are dreaming for yourself.

Refund Policy:

There are no refunds or transfers on coaching packages. Sessions that are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be deducted from total time and may not be made up. Please be mindful of these policies when selecting your services.


Coaching packages are an investment in your future. This investment can be made as a single payment or as monthly installments. There are no sliding scale fees for coaching.

Once a period of time is agreed upon with client and coach, services will expire at the end of the agreed-upon timeframe.

1-on-1 meetings occur virtually and are held in 50 minute segments, 1x/weekly. Each month has three 50-minute sessions available leaving one week a month open for assignments, creating, and implementation.

Throughout the course of your coaching package you will receive customized care via text messaging and email channels during business hours Monday – Thursday except where a written agreement exists for a different schedule (eg: you have a Monday launch event and support over the weekend would be beneficial to the success of your launch).


Realizing your dreams, launching programs, opening an online shop are all courageous undertakings!  You are worthy of the investment of your time and my experience, training, knowledge, and support.