We are Expansive Beings


You have a right to take up allllllllll of your space

Toxic systems tell us we are too much, too loud, too passionate, too intimidating, too vibrant, too angry, too big, too Black, too Brown, too Autistic, too disabled, too Queer, too Gender Expansive to fit into this culture.

The message of these bullying beliefs make us think we have to make ourselves smaller, dimmer, less than, and more diluted versions of our radiant selves.

I help people embody expansiveness by rooting out bullying beliefs and limiting binaries that work to keep us small. I help clients self liberate into the fullness of who they are so you can get on with doing the mighty things you are meant to do.

Your Vision is Limitless.  Now is your time to break free!

Break Free

So you can throw off that burden of shame you’ve been carrying.  It doesn’t belong to you, it was imposed on you.

Break Free

So you can embody and embrace the fullness of your “too muchness” using all of your fierceness to bring forth your mighty purpose and vision.

Break Free

So you can reclaim joy and abundance.  Yes! even in such devastating and uncertain times as these.  You are worthy.

You have the passion to be a change-maker

You have the lived-experience to know what is needed

You have the assets already within you

Toxic systems of oppression–racism, ableism, toxic religion, white supremacy, capitalism, patriarcy–lie to us.  They tell us that we are simultaneously too much and not enough leaving us in a stuck state of WTF and frustration.

These systems want us to give up, because they see the fire in our belly and know we have the capacity to disrupt the balance of power.  They keep feeding us bullying beliefs hoping they will keep us small, and quiet, and hopeless.

It’s time to become Unsilent

Through Expansive Mindset Coaching I guide clients along a path of Six Practices of Self Liberation:

Each of these practices are designed to restore and repair the harm caused by toxic systems.

Throughout our work together, we will shift your mindset off the bullying belief that “something about me is broken,” and onto the truth that: “systems are actively working against my flourishing.” 

In doing so, a tremendous weight of shame baggage is lifted and you can get on with the work of being your incredible, creative, badass self!

5 Ways to Put my Amazing Autistic ADHD Brain to Work for You


Whether it’s organizing your vision into an actionable plan, or helping you create a system for your paperwork, or you need fresh ideas about how to create a working office/home space that suits who you are and how you work, I got you.  My brain loves any opportunity to bring order and efficient funcitonality to your piles and collections of thoughts.

Innovative Solutions 

One of the greatest assets of my Neurodivergent brain is seeing the world differently and thinking about problem-solving in unconventional ways.  I bring this into my coaching work as we strategize a path that is custom tailored to your needs and work-style.  I am skillful at listening to peoples’ needs, innovating solutions, and implementing them sustainably.

Brainstorming Ideas

You need ideas?  I’ve got them!  Looking for a helpful thought partner to source fresh options, I’m here!  I don’t doubt you already have 1,001 ideas about your dreams; you’ve been carrying it for a long time.  Often times for my clients, it’s not so much about WHAT to do, but HOW to accomplish it.  I’m here to help you name those “hows.”

Macro Systems & Micro Details

I always heard all my life that people can either pay attention to the details, or they can think big.  Well, my brain does both!  This means that together we can create the macro picture of where you want to go AND ALSO piece out all of the in-between steps and tasks necessary to get your dreams thriving.

Poet & Writer

As you may have picked up from reading my website, I am a word nerd.  I love lexicon.  As a published poet and writer, I am able to artfully capture the essence of my client’s work, approach, and personality.  I work with clients on their website & social media copy and I coach clients in writing talking points for networking & speaking engagements.  I am easily able to communicate ideas and information in a way that readers feel connected across the time and space of the internet.

Ways you can Work with Me

There are several ways to work with me below are the two most popular packages I offer. 

The first step to working with me is a FREE no-strings-attached 20 minute Curiosity Call.  This is where you can ask me about my coaching style & methodology, get a feel for my vibe, and explore any other questions you have so you can make an informed and confident YES! to coaching with me.

Next step after you/we determine the right coaching package for you is that I will send you a link to register for that package.

During registration is where you will pay in full or by monthly payments*, sign your client contract, and fill out a brief survey that helps me get started on formulating a customized plan of support.

Then we schedule our initial 1:1 appointment.

You will receive an invitation to join your online community.

You will receive a reminder email as well as a meeting link email before each appointment.

And our work begins!


*As a queer, AuDHD, femme, I embody an undercapitalized identity.  This means that I am self-financing my business out of cash flow.  When clients are able to pay full fees up front it is a tremendous help which I appreciate deeply.  And also, I understand (and am there plenty of times myself) when it is just not possible to make a lump sum payment, so I offer monthly investment plan options.

I do not charge extra for payment plans as I find that structure inequitable and exploitative.

1:1 Expansive Mindset Coaching

You get to choose from 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month coaching packages.

All packages include:

    • 3 one-on-one coaching intensives with me per month with one week off for implementation
    • Unlimited text and email support during office hours
    • Work-with-you sessions to support you in getting things done
    • Learn Six Practices of Self Liberation – Expansive Mindset Coaching Methodology
    • Your own Client Portal
    • Access to membership in an exclusive, secure, online space where all my coaching clients can build community, make connections, support each other’s work, and lift each other up
    • Personalized assessments, plans, and worksheets to help you make the mighty moves you want


Expansive Boundaries Immersion

An annual Coaching Immersion program from October 6, 2022 – January 12, 2023.  Essentially clients get me on retainer to workshop situations as they happen in real time during one of the most boundary-challenging seasons of the year!  

Expansive Boundaries Immersion includes:

    • Four 1-on-1 virtual calls, 50min each, with me
    • Six 2-hour Live Cohort Workshops (recorded and available as replays)
    • Learn Six Practices of Self Liberation
    • Unlimited Text/Messaging Support During Business Hours
    • Cozy Cohort of 10 – 12
    • Private, Safe, and Exclusive Online Community
    • Downloads, Scripts, and Worksheets
    • One 2-hour Live Cohort Reflection Session in January
    • Flexible Payment Plan Options
    • Personal Client Portal

Early Bird Registration Closes September 20, 2022

Premium Registration Closes October 1, 2022

As your coach, I walk with you as you liberate yourself into the fullness of who you are, so you can get on with doing the mighty things you know you are meant to do.

About Me

I’m Jennifer (she/they), an Expansive Mindset Coach here to help you embody expansiveness by rooting out bullying beliefs and limiting binaries that work to keep us small.  I am a queer, fat, Autistic, ADHD, disabled, gender expansive person experiencing the world in a white body.

For the past 15 years I have worked as a licensed complex trauma therapist. During that time before I retired as a therapist, I sat with hundreds of people who have been pinned down and wounded by the false narrative that they are too much, too loud, too passionate, too intimidating, too vibrant, too angry, too big, too Black, too Brown, too Autistic, too disabled, too Queer, too Gender Expansive, too fill-in-your-blank to fit into this culture.

I too have experienced that same harm and am continually working with my own coaches to heal and expand my mindset to embrace and embody the abundance that I am.



“Wow, just read through your newsletter and it is so exciting to read about your work! Thank you for being brave to go deeper, to offer such great work to the world, and to be yourself and invite others to do so as well!” –EC

“Hey Jen!

I just wanted to thank you again for the workshop on boundaries! You did great and started a lot of thinking for me!
Thank you so much!

No lie, I always wanted you to be my therapist so like being able to sit through a coaching session like that was a dream!” —Michael James La Marck

“Jennifer’s guidance on interviewing a new therapist has transformed how I discuss “goodness of fit” with potential therapy clients. As a neurodivergent person and clinical social worker, I find radical genuineness to be the strongest foundation for an effective therapeutic relationship. Jennifer encourages therapists to present themselves authentically, and empowers clients to be assertive with their needs and limits in interactions with helping professionals.” –Sara Metz, LMSW – Clinical, Michigan

I REALLY appreciate today’s session and all the resources you gave me! Thank you so much! –L.J.   ?

Akesa the Doggess of Healing is my trusty sidekick and all around goofball who keeps me laughing and grounded!